Meet Author and Speaker, Susan L. Farrell

I write and speak on self leadership. I provide ideas to encourage women to think about what they do, why they do it, and do they want to change. My books include "Donít Act Like Prey! A Guide to Self Leadership for Women" and "52 Weeks of Wisdom: A Guide to Self Leadership for Women." I also have a DVD, "52 Weeks of Wisdom." (Click on the shop tab for additional information.) My blog (click on the blog tab) includes a wide variety of concepts to consider. My monthly e-newsletter provides ideas to encourage you to think about what you are doing and why. (Click on the contact tab and provide me with your name and email address to sign up.)

My career has had both changes and constants. A constant in my life is that I have always loved to learn, and I assume others do as well. Because of this, throughout my career the most rewarding pieces have been when I have been able to assist others in developing themselves.

The changes in my career have been related to how I do this. In each position with a national long-term care company, in addition to directly managing costs, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance, I also assisted the dietitians and dietary managers to do the same. This assisted them with their professional growth. Later, I did the same as a health care consultant for a national food distribution company.

When I started my own company, SLF Consulting & Training, I provided similar management services as a consultant. During this time I began to speak professionally to gain more consulting business. I found that I liked the speaking, and reaching a larger audience, more than the consulting. My business gradually became less consulting and more speaking.

My speaking career started with an emphasis on health care and food service management. As my career evolved, I realized that women in these industries needed more than just management training, they needed leadership training, including self leadership. I also realized that the issues facing these women were issues that all women faced, regardless of their profession.

In the midst of my speaking career, I decided to write a book to enhance my speaking reputation. I wrote "Donít Act Like Prey!" I found that I liked writing even more than speaking, partially because the audience I can reach is limitless and readers can access my ideas at any time through my writing. I also started to blog at about the same time.

An aspect that combines both writing and speaking is videos. Almost all of my blogs are also videos. "52 Weeks of Wisdom" is composed of 52 of my blogs. The DVD (same title and topics) includes the blog-videos that I posted on YouTube.

My career continues to evolve, as I am sure yours does. I want to share with you my thoughts and experiences with the hope that they can assist you in achieving the life you want and the person you want to become.
Book Expos, Events, and Signings
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Madtown Author Daze, 04/17

Madtown Author Daze
Madison, WI
April 2017  

Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Expo
Elkhart Lake, WI
April 2017  

Woman Up Expo
Milwaukee, WI
February 2017  

Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books
Waukesha, WI
November 2016  

Wisconsin Writers' Association Conference
Neenah, WI
October 2016  

Polka Dot Powerhouse Annual Celebration
St. Charles, IL
October 2016  

Polka Dot Powerhouse Celebration
St. Charles, IL
October 2016  

Threshold Showcase of Authors
West Bend, WI
September 2016  

Badger State Author Event
Madison, WI
August 2016  

W.J. Niederkorn Literary Event
Port Washington, WI
July 2015