52 Weeks of Wisdom, Volume 2
We all have power within us. We all have the right to use that power. Often, however, we don’t give ourselves permission to do so. Self-empowerment is when we give ourselves permission, and take the responsibility, to become the person we want and to create the life we desire.

This second volume of "52 Weeks of Wisdom, A Woman's Guide to Self-Empowerment", provides 52 additional ideas to encourage you to think about yourself and your life. Who are you and who do you want to be? What do you have and what do you want? Reflecting on these suggestions will assist you not only in answering these questions, but also in implementing plans to achieve the answers.

Topics include:
• Respected or Liked?
• "Why" vs. "What"
• Personal and Positional Power
• Dream or Daydream?
• Expectations

No matter where you are in your journey of self-empowerment, this book will assist you in reaching your destination.
52 Weeks of Wisdom, Volume 2 (eBook)
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