3 Good Choices: Change It, Accept It, or Leave It
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In any situation in our personal and professional lives we have three good choices. We can try changing the situation. If we canít, or itís not worth the effort to change, we can accept the situation. If we cannot accept the situation, we can leave it. Often, we need to leave the old situation to change to a new situation. The ďrightĒ choice depends upon the situation and what we want to achieve.

Itís your choice.

Make it the best one for you!
52 Weeks of Wisdom
Before you can successfully lead, manage, or influence others, you must have control over your life. To do this, you need to be aware of what makes you you. What are your thoughts? Values? Beliefs? Passions? Goals? Motivations? Who are you, and why are you the way you are?

52 Weeks of Wisdom is the first volume of 52 reflections on these questions. Equally beneficial whether read straight through or over the course of a year, this book will help you gain a new perspective about you, your motivations, and your actions. It is an invaluable guide to help you create the life you want and the person you want to become.
52 Weeks of Wisdom (eBook)
52 Weeks of Wisdom is also available as an ebook. Click on the appropriate link to order.
52 Weeks of Wisdom (DVD)

Do you learn better by watching and listening than by reading? If so, you may prefer "52 Weeks of Wisdom" in DVD format.

For an integrated learning experience, use both the book and DVD.
Don't Act Like Prey!
Our professional and personal success depends upon our being assertive. We must stand up and speak out for ourselves. If we are passive, we will never achieve our goals and the success we desire. If we are aggressive, we will damage our professional and personal relationships.

This book provides a new perspective on assertiveness. You will discover the costs of being passive, the costs of being aggressive, the benefits of being assertive, and how to find the delicate balance of assertiveness. The book is organized in such a way that you have the opportunity to empower yourself to determine what the costs and benefits are to you in your professional and personal relationships.
There is a Special Bonus Chapter available. It includes additional aspects to being assertive. It is available as a free PDF file.
Don't Act Like Prey! (eBook)
Don't Act Like Prey! is also available as an ebook. Click on the appropriate link to order.
Don't Act Like Prey! contains many tables to help the reader record and think about behaviors and actions that she might want to change. Since tables do not work so well in an ebook, the tables are available for download.
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