3 Good Choices: Change It, Accept It, or Leave It
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Is your life lacking direction? Do you struggle with making decisions? Are you unsure about the source of your discontent? In today’s fast-paced society, many women are facing challenges that keep them from recognizing and seeking positive solutions. In all aspects of your life—your career, family, and overall well-being—it’s important to recognize the benefits of making changes as well as the hidden costs of maintaining the status quo.

"3 Good Choices: Change It, Accept It, or Leave It" is an insightful guide that cuts through the noise of everyday life and presents empowering principles. You’ll learn to:

•Recognize your need for substantial change.
•Accept that the past can’t be changed.
•Acknowledge self-care.
•Identify internal and external factors that affect decisions.
•Avoid ineffective coping behaviors.
•Process decisions through personal exercises and reflections.

Discover your inner strength, and finally be the leader of your own life!
52 Weeks of Wisdom
It is important that we embrace who we are. Each of us is unique. We need to appreciate all of our good qualities and accept our areas that need improvement.

As a woman, you may tend to underestimate yourself. This has to stop. Like everyone, you have flaws, but you also have inner strengths that are more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

An empowering new guide, "52 Weeks of Wisdom" offers valuable suggestions to help you embrace your strengths within while identifying and addressing areas of improvement.

This book contains practical weekly suggestions ranging from the professional to the personal. Whether you heed author Susan L. Farrell’s suggestions once a week for a year or all in one sitting, you’ll find that it will change your life for the better. Farrell has enjoyed a long, successful career, and now she wants you to learn from her failures and triumphs.
52 Weeks of Wisdom (eBook)
52 Weeks of Wisdom is also available as an ebook. Click on the appropriate link to order.
Don't Act Like Prey!
Passive women are walked over. Aggressive women are seen as “pushy” and “rude.” Sometimes it feels like these are the only options available for women as they navigate their personal and professional lives.

Susan L. Farrell, a leader in women’s self-empowerment, compares passivity and aggression to nature’s two extremes: prey and predator. To be passive is to be preyed upon by the disrespect of others. To be a predator is to offer others the disrespect and aggressive behavior you’re trying to avoid.

Between these two extremes is a balanced state of respectful assertiveness, where you have the strength to stand up for yourself without harming others. Assertiveness doesn’t feel natural to women raised to be nice and avoid conflict. You’ll need practice to feel comfortable asserting yourself. Farrell can help you get there.
There is a Special Bonus Chapter available. It includes additional aspects to being assertive. It is available as a free PDF file.
Don't Act Like Prey! (eBook)
Don't Act Like Prey! is also available as an ebook. Click on the appropriate link to order.
Don't Act Like Prey! contains many tables to help the reader record and reflect on behaviors and actions that she might want to change. Since tables do not work so well in an eBook, the tables are available for download.