"More than a book on leadership. It was revealing to learn more about my own professional and personal relationships. Great read."
- Corinne Carter
"If you are dealing with issues of wanting to become more assertive and ways to do this, this is the book for you. Written very clearly."
- Faye E. Kufahl
"Your book is profound...! I like the exercises and continue to do them earnestly."
- LL
"I think it was written just for me."
- LN
"I had a great opportunity to apply your 'Don't Act Like Prey!' metaphor while coaching our 6th grade girls at the Wisconsin State Basketball Tournament. There were a couple of 'scared rabbit' moments exhibited by our girls that brought out the predator in the competition, but the 'prey' metaphor helped get their focus and confidence back. Thanks!"
- Neil Ihde
"Donít Act Like Prey!' is a phenomenal and inspirational book that teaches women how to take leadership of their lives, their relationships with other people and their overall wellbeing. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in developing their personal growth and achieving their goals towards success."
- Veronica Sotelo
"Simple wisdom from basic concepts that too many of us donít use. If we lived in a world that comprehended the power of assertiveness and applied it to all human beings, we could have world peace."
- Vivian Probst