Self-Empowerment for Women
Empowerment is External, Self-Empowerment is Internal

Empowerment is when someone has power, permission, and/or authority to do something. This often comes from outside the person. For example, our supervisor might empower us to make decisions related to the business. We might empower our attorney to make legal decisions for us. Laws might empower women to have more equal status in the workplace.

Self-empowerment comes from inside of us. It is when we give ourselves the power, permission, and/or authority to do something. This might be to grow and develop into the person we want. It might be to create the life we want. We have the power within us to create what we desire. Often what stands in our way is that we do not think we have the right to it. We need to give ourselves permission to go after what we want.

Self-empowerment is when we use our power to take control of all aspects of our life. It is when we take responsibility for our choices, our thoughts, our actions and the consequences of these. It is when we decide what we want, develop a plan on how to achieve it, and implement the plan.

This applies to our professional and personal life. Each impacts the other. An important benefit to this is that the knowledge and skills that make you successful in one aspect of your life can assist in another. For example, skills that you learn to deal with less-than-desirable co-workers can often be used to deal with pesky relatives who refuse to fall off the family tree.

To take control of your life it is important to be aware of what makes you you. What are your thoughts? Values? Beliefs? Passions? Goals? Motivations? Who are you, and why are you the way you are? This helps you determine why you do the things you do.

My writing is designed to provide you with opportunities to think about various topics. From this you might gain a new perspective about yourself, your thoughts and beliefs, your motivations, and your actions. After that, it becomes easier to make changes in your thoughts and behaviors, if you decide to do so.
Self-Empowerment for Women
A Brief Synopsis of Susan’s Books
“3 Good Choices: Change It, Accept It, or Leave It”
In this empowering and easy-to-follow guide for women, learn how to enact change by making positive choices, acknowledging acceptance, and letting go of troubles in all areas of your life.

“52 Weeks of Wisdom” Volumes 1, 2, and 3
These motivational books offer fifty-two pieces of wisdom—one for each week of the year—to help women succeed in the workplace and in other aspects of their lives.

“Don’t Act Like Prey!”
From birth, women are taught to be nice, be liked, and avoid conflict. We’re taught the alternative is unlikeable aggression. There’s a third option available: respectful assertiveness.
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