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Self-Empowerment for Women

Empowerment is External, Self-Empowerment is Internal

Do you want to make better choices?
Do you want to improve your life?
Do you want to find the balance between passive and aggressive behavior?

Featured Book

3 Good Choices: Change It, Accept It, or Leave It

Each chapter of “3 Good Choices” offers unique insights to identify your challenges. Reflect on internal factors such as core values, mind-sets, and behaviors. Explore external factors such as acquiring skills, financial opportunities, and public perceptions. Discover positive solutions, and make choices that will most empower you!

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Are you ready to increase your confidence and achieve your goals?

  • Recognize

    Recognize that you deserve to be happier, more satisfied, or more content with who you are as a person and with your life.

  • Accept

    Accept that you would like to be a better person or have a better life.

  • Decide

    Decide that you can make changes. Decide to make changes.

  • Seek

    Seek assistance. Accept that it is okay to seek and accept help.

  • Utilize

    Utilize the information, ideas, suggestions, exercises in my books to assist you in becoming the person you want and creating the life you desire, both professionally and personally.

The Latest From Susan L. Farrell

Learn powerful tools to help yourself

  • Identify who you want to be and what you want from life.

  • Determine what you do (actions, thoughts, and beliefs) and assess why you do/have them.

  • Recognize the importance of self-reflection.

  • Accept that sometimes change is not only necessary, but also positive.

  • Empower yourself to accept and use your inner power.

  • Become the person you want and create the life you desire.

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Susan's Books

3 Good Choices: Change It, Accept It, or Leave It

52 Weeks of Wisdom Volume 1

52 Weeks of Wisdom Volume 2

52 Weeks of Wisdom Volume 3

Don’t Act Like Prey!

What People Are Saying

"More than a book on leadership. It was revealing to learn more about my own professional and personal relationships. Great read."
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Corinne Carter
"If you are dealing with issues of wanting to become more assertive and ways to do this, this is the book for you. Written very clearly."
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Faye E. Kufahl
"I purchased your book "Don't Act Like Prey" when... I LOVE love LOVE this book… Again, Thank YOU for a wonderful book."
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Susan L. Farrell


Susan is the author of “Don’t Act Like Prey! A Woman’s Guide to Self-Empowerment,” a book on respectful assertiveness as an option to passive or aggressive behavior. “52 Weeks of Wisdom, A Woman’s Guide to Self-Empowerment,” Volumes 1, 2, and 3 are designed to provide ideas to encourage women to think about what they do, why they do it, and do they want to change. “3 Good Choices: Change It, Accept It, or Leave It; A Woman’s Guide to Self-Empowerment” discusses how to make positive choices in all aspects of life.

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