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3 Good Choices: Change It, Accept It, or Leave It

Professional, personal, and wellness issues are common areas of anxiety plaguing women every day. But there is hope! Are you dissatisfied with your current job? Consider changing to a career you love. Have you been struggling to end a relationship that’s no longer fulfilling? Accept that you’ve tried your best and are ready to move on. Does your health or self-esteem require a lifestyle change? Learn to love yourself, and let go of self-doubt.

Life is the culmination of choices. The size and shape of conflicts might vary, but the one constant is that a decision must be made. In this informative guide, learn the breakdown of three distinctly positive choices—change, acceptance, and letting go—and the ways in which they can improve all aspects of your life.

Each chapter of “3 Good Choices” offers unique insights to identify your challenges. Reflect on internal factors such as core values, mind-sets, and behaviors. Explore external factors such as acquiring skills, financial opportunities, and public perceptions. Discover positive solutions, and make choices that will most empower you!

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3 Good Choices: Change It, Accept It, or Leave It (eBook)

The book contains many tables to help the reader record and reflect on behaviors and actions that she might want to change. Since tables do not work so well in an eBook, the tables are available for download.

3 Good Choices

SF_ThreeGoodChoices_COVER_121317 resizedIn life, we generally have three good choices in any situation.  This video discusses the synopsis of my book, 3 Good Choices: Change It, Accept It, or Leave It; A Woman’s Guide to Self-Empowerment.

After the last slide is a picture of three of my great choices.  Some of you will understand!

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