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60% Off eBooks on Self-Empowerment for Women

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Suddenly, we are trying to navigate in a strange, new world. Books can help. They can provide ideas on how to cope, on how to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. They can also provide a much needed temporary escape from our new real world.

Through April 20, thousands of Smashwords authors, myself included, are participating in Authors Give Back sale with 30,000 deeply discounted eBooks and 80,000 free eBooks. I have discounted my books on Self-Empowerment for Women by 60%, or $2.00 per eBook.

Go to my Smashwords author page for information on my books and to order. Go to my website for free additional materials for some of the books.

Also look at all the other books available. There’s certain to be something that will help you in this difficult time.

Stay safe!


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