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Achieving Your Goals


There is so much that can be written about setting and achieving goals. What I would like to do today is to try to simplify goal achievement.

Our goals really revolve around the following:

  • What do we want to do?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • Who do we want to be?

We answer these questions. These are our goals.

Our plan describes how we are going to achieve these goals.

Both these steps are relatively easy. The difficulty is in implementing the plan. Successful implementation requires that we ask ourselves throughout the day if our actions will help us reach our goals. If yes, then continue with the action. If no, then do not.

As a very simple example, pretend that your goal is to go on vacation. You have determined where you want to go and how much it will cost. Later, you are shopping and see a pair of shoes you really like, but do not need. Will buying the shoes help you reach your goal of saving money to go on vacation? No. So do not buy the shoes.

As another example, pretend that your goal is to get a promotion at work. You have a project that is due Monday. You can work over the weekend and complete it or tell your supervisor it will not be ready Monday and ask for an extension. Which decision will help you reach your goal of a promotion?

Our goal achievement is based on all the little decisions we make each day. Are you making decisions that will help you reach your goals?

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