Susan L. Farrell, Author

Act Like the Person You Want to Become

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There used to be a phrase “fake it ‘til you make it.” I never liked the phrase because I think we should be authentic, not fake. There is a bit of wisdom in the phrase, though, if you look a little deeper.

There is nothing wrong with becoming the best person we can. There is nothing wrong with improving ourselves. Sometimes, to do this, it can help to pretend that we are already that person and act accordingly. It’s rather like practicing for a part in a play.

For example, if we want to be more self-confident, it can help to pretend that we are and look the part—stand straight, head up, and shoulders back. If we want to be outgoing, we can walk up to someone, smile, and introduce ourselves even if we do not feel at all comfortable doing it. The more we do these things, the more we will become the person we want.

Can you act in certain ways to help you become the person you want?


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