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HDG_2375_socialDid you know that Amazon has something called Author Central?  It’s a website where authors can create an Author Page and post information about themselves, their books, upcoming events, and more.  Readers can go to the website and learn more about their favorite authors, their books, where the authors will have book signings, and even purchase books directly from the author’s page.

Did you know that I have an Author Central page?  I do!  You can learn more about me and my books, and order paperbacks and eBooks.  I even post my blogs there.

Would you go to my Author Central page and see what I have to offer?

If you follow me (click on the yellow button under my picture) you will be the first to get information on new books, promotions, and other items.  It would also help me out greatly with Amazon.  Plus, if you see books you like, please order them.  Each book is available in paperback and as an eBook, even though not all the covers are shown at the top.  Scroll down and you will see all the books, prices, and links to order.

Thank you!


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