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Worry, Friend or Foe?

Worry, Friend or Foe? (Video) I worry too much.  I worry that I worry too much! Worry can get in the way of enjoying life.  If we spend time worrying

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Be Sensitive, but…

Be Sensitive, but… (Video) I found this in a fortune cookie:  “Be sensitive, but not overly sensitive.” I think this is good advice.  We do want to be sensitive enough

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Cougars (Video) This blog provides the background information to the attached video clip.  The clip is from an assertiveness presentation I did for The Business Building Academy. In my presentation

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Battling Boxes

Battling Boxes (Video) Do you have trouble with people wanting to put you in a box and label it with who they think you should be?  I do.  I always

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Clean House or Change Oil?

Clean House or Change Oil? (Video) In a previous blog I discussed work, hobbies, and required responsibilities.  Required responsibilities are those things that we are responsible to do for ourselves. 

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Business, Hobby, or Required Responsibility?

Business, Hobby, or Required Responsibility? (Video) We do many things.  Most, perhaps all, can be divided into three areas:  business, hobby, or required responsibility. The business area includes everything that

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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned (Video) This blog is different from the ones I have done in the past in that it “sets the stage” for the accompanying video rather than containing similar

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Routines (Video) Routines help us until they hurt us. Routines can be very helpful in that they assist us be productive.  They help us be efficient. However, there are times

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Stop Studying and Start Doing

Stop Studying and Start Doing (Video) If someone would pay me, I could easily be a professional student.  I have always loved school, I think mostly because I love to

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The 3 R’s of Assertiveness

A simple method to consistently be assertive (not passive or aggressive) is to use the 3 R’s.  Relationships, Rights, Respect. We are all involved in professional and personal relationships. Within

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