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What is Your ROTI?

What is Your ROTI? (video) Return on investment (ROI) is used in business frequently to evaluate the profitability of a decision.  Will the return be worth the investment?  This is

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Pay Now Or Pay Later

Pay Now Or Pay Later (Video) Everything in life has a price.  It may be a price in money, time, or other intangibles.  Once we spend money on one item,

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We Always Have Choices

We Always Have Choices (Video) In any situation, we have choices–emphasis on the plural.  It bothers me when someone says that she did something because she did not have a

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Stop Digging

Stop Digging (Video) One of my father’s favorite sayings was, “If you find that you have dug yourself into a hole, the very first thing you have to do is

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Great Success Requires Great Risk

Success and Risk (Video) Risk comes in many forms.  Sometimes it is financial risk such as leaving a good paying job to become self-employed.  Sometimes it is a time risk

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Play Your Own Game

Play Your Own Game (Video) There is a great deal of pressure for us to measure ourselves and our success by what others do.  To a certain extent, this can

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Achieving Your Goals

Achieving Your Goals (Video) There is so much that can be written about setting and achieving goals.  What I would like to do today is to try to simplify goal

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Try! (Video) I am not an avid baseball fan, but I do know a little about the game.  Something that fascinates me is that if a player has a batting

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Finish What You Start

Finish What You Start (Video) For me, starting projects is easy.  New projects are fun and exciting.  The difficulty is in finishing them.  Finishing is what matters, however.  It is

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