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Choose “This and That” Rather Than “This or That”


I volunteer at the local humane society, mostly by fostering cats and kittens. I also donate money and supplies. And when the humane society posts something on Facebook, either for animals looking for their forever homes or when the shelter needs supplies or donations, I share the posts.

Recently I shared a post for a request for pet food. I had someone comment that help should go to people, not pets. I replied, “Why not both?”

This little exchange started me thinking about how we often think of “this or that.”

We can do “this” or “that” (but not both).

We can be “this” or “that” (but not both).

We can believe “this” or “that” (but not both).

This can be a very limited way to think. Why can’t be do both? Be both? Believe both?

Of course, options aren’t limited to two. We can do, be, and believe a variety of things.

Why do we limit ourselves needlessly? Why do we allow others to limit us?

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