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Do I Have to Worry About This Now?

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I worry too much. I know this. I try to manage it. I’ve developed some techniques that help. It seems to be an ongoing battle, though, because even though I worry less than I used to (I think), I still spend more time worrying than I would like. I want to share my latest technique in case it might help you as well.

When I find that I am worrying about something, what I try to remember to ask myself is “Do I have to worry about this now?” So far, the answer has always been “No.” Which makes it easier for me to set it aside and enjoy whatever is happening in the moment.

Telling myself not to worry about something, as in never worry about it again, doesn’t help. Telling myself not to worry about something for the moment seems to help. It’s something that I can accomplish—setting aside the worry for awhile. I’m beginning to think that if I do this enough, maybe I will realize that it’s not something I have to worry about at all.

If this helps you, too, let me know!

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