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Do Things that Make You Smile

Do Things that Make You Smile (Video Link)

IMG 0001 copyIt is said that laughter is good for the soul.  I believe that.  I think there are wonderful things that happen to us when we laugh.  I think good things happen to us when we smile, too.  When we find something that makes us smile, it makes us feel better, if only for a moment or two.  That can lift our spirits and give us a new perspective on the situation we are facing.

I realized this many years ago when I was going through a very difficult time.  I happened to glance out the side window as I was driving to work and saw a rabbit sitting by the side of the road.  He was just sitting.  He appeared to be watching the traffic go past.  It made me smile.  That was a turning point for me.  I knew, in that instant, that I would survive the tough time I was facing.

There are many little things that we can do to make us smile every day.  Pictures of those we love on our desk can make us smile.  I have a special ringtone on my phone for my husband.  Every time it rings it makes me smile.  I really enjoy nature, so for me seeing something as silly as a squirrel sitting on the deck can make me smile.  (My grandchildren have named him “Fat Freddy.”)   Pets can make us smile and often make us laugh out loud.  A list of our accomplishments can make us smile.

What makes you smile?  What can you do to set the stage for frequent smiles throughout the day?


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