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Easer or Jumper?

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Do you carefully ease yourself into new situations? Or do you jump in?

I am an “easer.” I like to ease my way into situations. I like to study the situation, analyze it, develop goals, create a plan, and eventually do something.

I have friends who are “jumpers.” Whatever the situation, they just jump into it and start doing things. Sometimes I admire them!

There is no right or wrong. Both methods can get the job done.

A concern with being an easer is that it may take much longer than it should to get results. After a while, more information or planning does not help. However, the result is usually right on target.

A concern with being a jumper is that although things are being done, they may not be the right things. Time may be wasted by going back and doing things over. However, at least something is being done.

Which are you, an easer or a jumper? Or are you nicely balanced in the middle?

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