Susan L. Farrell, Author

Finish What You Start


For me, starting projects is easy. New projects are fun and exciting. The difficulty is in finishing them. Finishing is what matters, however. It is in finishing the project that we get the results we want.

There are many reasons we do not finish what we start. We get busy, we get tired, or other things come up. Sometimes we do not finish out of fear. If we do finish, things might change, and we might not like the change. Sometimes we do not finish because we did not create and implement a plan to make the change happen. 

Often we do not finish because we did not make a commitment. Talk is not enough. We have to take action. And usually we have to take action over and over again.

Besides commitment, focusing on the result we want to achieve can help us find the motivation and dedication to finish.  Finishing matters!

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