Susan L. Farrell, Author

Go Forward or Stagnate—We Can’t Go Back


It’s always been true in life that we can’t go back. Things change. The world changes. We change. The past is the past and we can’t bring it back.

What we can do is go forward. We can take what we have learned about the situation, the world, ourselves, and move on. In the process, we can make the situation better, we can make the world better, we can become better people. And sometimes the best way to make anything else better is to change ourselves and become a better person.

Moving forward involves learning and growing.

The alternative to moving forward is to stagnate. There is no learning, no growth, in stagnation.

As difficult as a situation is, it’s better to move forward than it is to stagnate. The future is often brighter than the past.


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