Susan L. Farrell, Author

Hidden Accomplishments


Sometimes the big things we do, or want to do, overshadow all the small, hidden things that we do. For example, sometimes we get caught up in landing the next big client or sale and forget about the little daily things that we do to keep our existing customers. If we didn’t do the little things, we wouldn’t have any customers.

The same applies to our personal life. Often, it’s the little day-to-day things that we do that matter, and are remembered, the most.

I think it’s important that we recognize, and celebrate, all that we do. Otherwise it becomes easy to become discouraged, thinking that we don’t do enough. Most of us get pressure from others (supervisors, family, friends, ourselves) to do more, more, more. If we recognize everything we do, it can be easier to address and manage the pressure.


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