Susan L. Farrell, Author

Internal Silos

dreamstime_xs_62496032In a previous segment I wrote about how in some companies departments become silos and do not work together or share information. I used that as an example of how we sometimes try to silo the different aspects of our lives and isolate them from each other. We can’t do that. We need to acknowledge all aspects of our lives, balance them, and take what we learn from one aspect to other aspects.

In this segment, I’d like to talk about how sometimes we silo ourselves internally. We might silo our strengths and weaknesses, for example. We have one silo containing strengths and one silo containing weaknesses and we look at them separately and treat them separately. We might have a silo for those things we like and one for those we don’t. We might even ignore some of our silos if we do not like what they contain.

Rather than doing that, it can be helpful to look at them together. What can we learn from our strengths that can help us manage our weaknesses? What can we learn from those things that we like to do to help us with those things that we don’t?

Human beings are very complex creatures. It can be tempting to compartmentalize aspects of ourselves to try to reduce the complexity. It’s as though we look at only one part of the picture at a time. Sometimes, though, we miss what the total picture looks like when we do this. Can you view yourself as a complete, complex person?


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