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Just in Time Planning

dreamstime_xs_38121377As you probably know, there is such a thing as “just in time inventory.”  Rather than having lots of inventory on hand for production, which costs money for storage and ties up cash, supplies are delivered “just in time” for production.

I have noticed that some people do “just in time” planning and organizing.  The job gets done—just in time.

A disadvantage to just in time inventory is that if the supplies don’t show up on time, it can seriously delay or even stop production.  A similar disadvantage can occur in just in time planning.  If anything takes longer than planned, the project won’t be completed in time.

I prefer planning far enough in advance that if something does happen (which it usually does) it will still be possible to complete the project on time.  I like having a buffer to take care of any unforeseen issues.

Which type are you?  Which type is your supervisor?  I have a friend who is organized, but his supervisor does not think he is.  I think the issue is that his supervisor is like me and plans far in advance.  When he sees my friend finishing a project just in time, he thinks it is because my friend is not organized, which isn’t the case.  The project was finished as my friend planned—just in time.

If you are having issues with your supervisor, your employees, or even people in your personal life related to planning and organization, maybe it’s an issue of different strategies.  It could be worth discussing.


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