Susan L. Farrell, Author

Misplaced Anger

dreamstime_xs_76186218There seems to be a great deal of anger in the world.  Many people I know seem to be angry about a number of things, but especially angry at other people.

Granted, I never know everything about any situation, but sometimes it seems to me that at least some of this anger is misplaced.  Is the person truly angry at the other person?  Or angry at something else?  Or maybe angry at themselves?

If you are angry with a person (or persons), I suggest you ask yourself, why?  Why else?  And why else? Do this until you have all the reasons.  Then take a critical look at these reasons.  Did the person really do these things?  Or is it your perception?  Are you taking things out of context?  Did you ever tell the person how you felt so he had a chance to change?  Are these truly reasons to be angry?  Or are they excuses?

From this assessment, can you determine if it is something else that is the root cause of your anger?  Perhaps you are angry at someone, but there might be repercussions if you express your anger (such as to your supervisor) so you go home and take your anger out on someone there?  Is it possible that you are angry with yourself, but it is too painful to acknowledge so you blame someone else?

Anger ultimately does the most damage to the person who is angry.  If you are angry, it is in your best interest to resolve it.  And if it takes professional help to deal with it, then do it.  If you had a toothache, you’d go to the dentist, right?  Isn’t your mental health at least as important as your dental health?


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