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Pay Now Or Pay Later

Pay Now Or Pay Later (Video)

dreamstimefree 155115 2Everything in life has a price.  It may be a price in money, time, or other intangibles.  Once we spend money on one item, we do not have that money to spend on another item.  Once we spend time on one activity, we do not have that time to spend on any other activities.

If we buy on credit, not only do we pay the initial price, but we also pay interest.  What “interest” are we paying when we put off doing the things that will gain us the success we want in our personal and professional lives?

For example, if you are putting off going back to school, what is it costing you, year after year, in lost income and potential opportunities?  You will still pay the same in money (or more) and the same in time, but the longer you wait the less time you will have to reap the rewards.

What will you pay in the future by not looking for that new job now?  What will it cost you to continue to delay it?  What will it cost you to continue to sit in front of the TV instead of spending time with your family?

We will always pay for what we get.  We can pay later, and gain less.  Or we can pay now, and have longer to gain from it, thus gaining more.



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