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Persistence or Stubbornness?

Persistence or Stubbornness? (Video Link)

dreamstime xs 23922748Persistence is good.  Rarely do we reach our professional and personal goals without being persistent.  We need to keep working toward our goals rather than give up.

Sometimes, however, persistence crosses into stubbornness.  This is not necessarily good.

For example, some time ago I had an evening meeting.  I had been to the location before and was certain I knew where it was.  It was not there!  I drove up and down the road several times without finding it.  However, I knew it was there.  Finally, I called for directions.  The location was farther south than I thought.

The positive aspect of this was that I was persistent until I found it.  The negative aspect was that my stubbornness kept me from finding it sooner.  Things are not always as we remember.  Sometimes we are wrong.  When I arrived, I realized the mistake I had made.  I had confused two crossroads.

Be persistent in attaining your goals.  However, do not become so stubborn that it holds you back.


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