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Play Your Own Game


There is a great deal of pressure for us to measure ourselves and our success by what others do. To a certain extent, this can be good. It can help us strive and achieve more of what we want.

Sometimes, though, it can be detrimental. We might not want what others want. We might not want to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve that level of success. We might not have the knowledge, skills, and especially talent that others have and it might not be realistic to try to obtain them.

If we measure ourselves against others, we may not appreciate that the total life we have is the life we really want.

This occurred to me when my husband and I were playing golf. His golf golfing goals are different from mine. He wants to shoot below 90. I want to enjoy being outside, getting some exercise, and shooting a better average score this season than last season. If I try to play his golf game, or if he tries to play mine, neither of us will be happy. As long as we keep in mind what our individual goals are, we both have fun.

In your personal and professional life, play your own game. Play the game that makes you happy and do not worry about what game others are playing.

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