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Resolutions or Goals?


I’m not a resolutions person. It seems that too often I make a resolution at the beginning of the year to do something big, set it aside, and never look at it again. For me, resolutions are passive because I don’t act on them.

I prefer goals. For me, goals are active.  First there is goal-planning and then developing strategies for goal-implementation. Goals, or at least strategies, are also active in that they are fluid. They change.  If one strategy doesn’t work, I try something different. If many strategies don’t work, then I look at whether I need to change the goal.

The important thing, of course, is that we accomplish what we want to accomplish. If making resolutions works for you, great. If goals work better for you, that is great as well. Do whatever works for you to make 2021 the year you want. And, if you want to consider 2020 a wash, and try to accomplish in 2021 what you had planned to in 2020, that’s fine as well. To an extent, that is what I am doing.

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