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Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities (Video)

We all have rights.  With these rights, however, come responsibilities.dreamstime xs 18247512

For example, we have the right to our opinion.  We have the right to voice our opinion.  Remember the First Amendment?  Freedom of Speech?  We legally have this right.  We also have a responsibility to voice our opinion while respecting others.  For example, if we state what we think of someone’s actions, that is generally better than attacking the person and calling names.  Keep in mind, too, that others have a right to voice their opinions, and to have different opinions than we do.

We have the right to the professional life we want.  With that comes the responsibility for gaining the knowledge and skill to enter that profession or career.  We are responsible for gaining additional knowledge and skills as necessary.  If we want to be promoted, we are responsible for working to the level necessary to advance.

We have the right to the personal life we want.  We are responsible for making that happen.  If we want good relationships with people, we need to work at it.  Great relationships do not just happen.  Of course, the other person needs to take responsibility as well.  If he/she does not, maybe the relationship is not worth maintaining.  Keep in mind that something as simple as happiness is our responsibility.  It is not anyone else’s responsibility to make us happy.

If we want a house, car, land, vacations, and all the other things that money can buy, we are responsible for earning the money to purchase them.  No one else is responsible.  If we are not willing to work for it for ourselves, why should anyone else want to make the sacrifices to give it to us?

When we accept responsibility for our decisions, actions, and lives, then we can truly accept the rights we have.  Are you taking full advantage of your rights by taking full responsibility for your life?


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