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Special Offer! 50% Off EBooks!

raew+2018+-+8My eBooks, Don’t Act Like Prey! A Woman’s Guide to Self-Empowerment and 52 Weeks of Wisdom: A Woman’s Guide to Self-Empowerment are available from Smashwords for 50% off ($2.50 each) this week only (March 4-10).

To order, and for additional information, go to my Smashwords page.  A quick synopsis of each book follows.

Don’t Act Like Prey!  From birth, women are taught to be nice, be liked, and avoid conflict. We’re taught the alternative is unlikeable aggression. There’s a third option available: respectful assertiveness.

52 Weeks of Wisdom.  This motivational book offers fifty-two pieces of wisdom—one for each week of the year—to help women succeed in the workplace and in other aspects of their lives.

For those of you not familiar with Smashwords, it’s a one-stop venue for all forms of eBooks.  For example, from Smashwords my eBooks are available as an .epub file which can be downloaded to Nook, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Aldiko, and Sony.  (If you want my eBooks for Kindle, you need to go to Amazon.  The files I have for Kindle do not upload to Smashwords.)  It’s a great way for readers to purchase eBooks in a variety of formats from numerous authors.  The advantage to authors is that they can offer their eBooks in different formats from one distributor.  For more information on Smashwords go to the FAQ page.

Don’t wait!  Prices have never been this low.  After you order Don’t Act Like Prey! go to my website to download the free bonus chapter and PDF tables.

Thank you!

P.S.  You might find many other eBooks on sale that you want as well.  Look through the Smashwords site for more fantastic book deals.


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