Susan L. Farrell, Author

Stop, Think, Act

dreamstime_xs_30576619, resized“Ready, aim, fire” is a popular term. Similar terms include, “lights, camera, action;” “on your mark, get set, go;” and “ready, set, go.”

I would like to add another term to the mix. “Stop, think, act.” If we did this more, I think we would make better decisions more of the time.

I know that too often I react rather than act. When I stop for a minute, think about the situation and the results I want, and then act, my actions are generally better and move me closer to my goals.

Unless it is an emergency, we generally do have time to stop and think before we take action. And when we remember that saying something is also a form of action, taking a minute or even a few seconds can be beneficial.

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