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2016 and Beyond

2015 is completed.  It’s over.  Did you do what you wanted?  Did you accomplish what you planned?  Did you position yourself to be where you wanted for 2016? If yes,

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Accomplishing Your Dreams

Accomplishing Your Dreams (Video Link) Previously we discussed that commitment is what turns a daydream into a dream. Creating and implementing a plan is what turns a dream into reality.

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Dream or Daydream?

Dream or Daydream? (Video Link) We hear a great deal on how we should never give up on our dreams. I think it is extremely important, however, to determine if

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Road Maps and Signs

Road Maps and Signs (Video Link) When we travel, we need a road map. We need a plan to tell us how to get from where we are to where

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It is 2015; What Have You Done?

It is 2015, another new year.  Have you made your goals and plans for this year?  Have you done anything to accomplish them yet?  Are you doing even one thing

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Greatest Risk

Greatest Risk (Video) I think the greatest risk we can take in our lives is not taking responsibility for ourselves, for our lives. Unfortunately, I know too many people who

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Dress to Connect

Dress to Connect (Video) There is always information about how to dress for different situations.  Some of us spend a great deal of time thinking about how we should dress

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Stop Studying and Start Doing

Stop Studying and Start Doing (Video) If someone would pay me, I could easily be a professional student.  I have always loved school, I think mostly because I love to

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Study for A’s?

Study for A’s? (Video Link) I still remember something a high school teacher told my class many years ago.  (I wish I could remember his name.)  He said that if

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