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Easer or Jumper?

Easer or Jumper? (Video Link) Do you carefully ease yourself into new situations?  Or do you jump in? I am an “easer.”  I like to ease my way into situations. 

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Values (Video Link) Ultimately, values define us.  Our values make us who we are.  It is imperative that we know our values and live by them. “Actions speak louder than

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Business or Hobby?

Business or Hobby? (Video) “Businesses are in business to make money.  If it does not make money, it is not a business.  It is a hobby.” This was the most

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Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces (Video) An old management adage is: “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  All this refers to is that you take something large

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Big Dreams, Small Dreams

Big Dreams, Small Dreams (Video) What do you think are more important, big dreams or little dreams? I think what is most important are those dreams that become reality.  Small

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Be Your Best

Be Your Best (Video) To succeed in our professional and personal lives it is important to strive to be our best every day.  Realistically, some days we will do better

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Aim Accurately

Aim Accurately (Video) A problem that I have in golf is aiming.  Whenever I think that I am aiming at the pin, the ball goes to the right.  Consistently.  When

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Pay Now Or Pay Later

Pay Now Or Pay Later (Video) Everything in life has a price.  It may be a price in money, time, or other intangibles.  Once we spend money on one item,

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Play Your Own Game

Play Your Own Game (Video) There is a great deal of pressure for us to measure ourselves and our success by what others do.  To a certain extent, this can

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