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3 Good Choices: Accept It

Sometimes we can’t change a situation.  Or it is not worth the time or effort to change it.  Then we need to consider accepting the situation.  This video discusses when accepting

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I Can Survive Anything…

My second year of college was an extremely difficult one.  I had a full load of very difficult, time-consuming classes and labs with multiple projects and papers.  In addition to

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3 Good Choices: Change It

If there is something we don’t like in our life, why not try to change it?  We have nothing to lose and we might have everything to gain.  This video discusses

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Life is Like a Buffet

I’ve been cleaning my office of books and reference materials that I haven’t used for years and probably won’t need again.  Doing this made me realize that I have done

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3 Good Choices

In life, we generally have three good choices in any situation.  This video discusses the synopsis of my book, 3 Good Choices: Change It, Accept It, or Leave It; A Woman’s

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Options Change Everything

I grew up knowing that I had options.  I also knew that choosing certain options would require work, but I had options.  I had the option of working to put

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Facts and False Conclusions

Just because we have a fact, or facts, does not mean that we (or other people) connect them correctly to form accurate conclusions. Let’s use the following as an example:                          

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