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Best Decision

All we can do is make the best decision we can with the information we have at the time. Of course, we need to do the research so that we

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Self-Limiting Belief Systems

We all have belief systems.  We all have beliefs on how the world is and who we are.  Some of these can be beneficial. For example, a belief system that

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Gems or Gravel?

Gems or Gravel? (Video Link) When people give you advice, it is important to sift through the gravel to find the gems. I learned this several years ago when I

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Adapt (Video Link) I have read that the ability of a species to survive is dependent upon its ability to adapt. I think this is true. I think it is

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“Why” vs. “What”

“Why” vs. “What” (Video Link) I think that why we do things is almost always more important than what we do. For example, if someone says something to us at

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Reflect on the Old Year

Many people make New Year’s resolutions.  Many of those who make resolutions do not achieve them. I think one reason is that many of us do not reflect on the

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Worry, Friend or Foe?

Worry, Friend or Foe? (Video) I worry too much.  I worry that I worry too much! Worry can get in the way of enjoying life.  If we spend time worrying

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Clean House or Change Oil?

Clean House or Change Oil? (Video) In a previous blog I discussed work, hobbies, and required responsibilities.  Required responsibilities are those things that we are responsible to do for ourselves. 

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Business, Hobby, or Required Responsibility?

Business, Hobby, or Required Responsibility? (Video) We do many things.  Most, perhaps all, can be divided into three areas:  business, hobby, or required responsibility. The business area includes everything that

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Routines (Video) Routines help us until they hurt us. Routines can be very helpful in that they assist us be productive.  They help us be efficient. However, there are times

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