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20/20 (Not 2020) Hindsight

This post is about the old-fashioned concept of 20/20 hindsight. Although it’s tempting to create a post with a play on words of how the year 2020 can provide us

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One Best Way

Sometimes finding the best way to do something can make us more effective and more efficient.  Often, however, it doesn’t matter whether it was done the best way possible or

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Misplaced Anger

There seems to be a great deal of anger in the world.  Many people I know seem to be angry about a number of things, but especially angry at other

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College Bound

Are there any women in your life that are going to college this fall?  Someone who has graduated from high school and is starting the next phase of her education? 

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Show What You Know

My husband and I went to a baseball game recently.  Listening to the National Anthem brought back a memory from grade school.  The experience turned out to be one that

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Don’t be a Princess

I really dislike all the princess “stuff” that surrounds us.  Maybe it is just me and the way I interpret things.  To me, a “princess” is someone without power, someone

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Avoid the Error Chain

Avoid the Error Chain (Video Link) “Error chain” is an aviation term. It is a term to describe a series of mistakes that can lead to an accident or incident.

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20/20 Hindsight

20/20 Hindsight (Video) Our vision on what we should have done is usually 20/20.  Because we know what we did and what happened because of it, we know what we

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