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20/20 (Not 2020) Hindsight

This post is about the old-fashioned concept of 20/20 hindsight. Although it’s tempting to create a post with a play on words of how the year 2020 can provide us

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Show What You Know

My husband and I went to a baseball game recently.  Listening to the National Anthem brought back a memory from grade school.  The experience turned out to be one that

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To Create 2017, Learn from 2016

Many people make New Year’s resolutions.  Many of those who make resolutions do not achieve them. I think one reason is that many of us do not learn from the

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Past, Present, Future

“Learn from the past. Live in the present. Plan for the future.” I like this. I think it sums up very nicely what we need to do. (I couldn’t remember

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Personal Silos

In some companies, departments become silos. Departments do not want to work with other departments or share information with other departments. This hurts the company as a whole. Every department

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Study for A’s?

Study for A’s? (Video Link) I still remember something a high school teacher told my class many years ago.  (I wish I could remember his name.)  He said that if

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