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Achieving Your Goals

There is so much that can be written about setting and achieving goals. What I would like to do today is to try to simplify goal achievement. Our goals really

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Just in Time Planning

As you probably know, there is such a thing as “just in time inventory.”  Rather than having lots of inventory on hand for production, which costs money for storage and

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Use the Back of Your Brain

When I was in college it always took me awhile to complete the research for papers.  The major reason was that I always found so many interesting studies to read. 

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Take It Off the List

Do you have things on your to do list that have been there for weeks? Months? Longer?  If so, may I make a suggestion?  Either do them today or take

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Planning Backward

Although we usually think of planning as starting at the beginning and finishing at the end, it can be beneficial to start with the end and continue backward to the

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Road Maps and Signs

Road Maps and Signs (Video Link) When we travel, we need a road map. We need a plan to tell us how to get from where we are to where

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It is 2015; What Have You Done?

It is 2015, another new year.  Have you made your goals and plans for this year?  Have you done anything to accomplish them yet?  Are you doing even one thing

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