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Would You Miss It?

In determining how I most want to spend my time, a question I have been asking myself is: “If I didn’t do it anymore, would I miss it?”  I have

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Best Use of Time

It’s another new year and again I am reflecting on what I have done and what I need/want to do.  I find that over the years, my answers are changing,

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Thoughts on Thankfulness

As I get older, I find that I am thankful for different things than when I was younger.  In the past I was mostly thankful for successes that I had

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Just in Time Planning

As you probably know, there is such a thing as “just in time inventory.”  Rather than having lots of inventory on hand for production, which costs money for storage and

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I Can Survive Anything…

My second year of college was an extremely difficult one.  I had a full load of very difficult, time-consuming classes and labs with multiple projects and papers.  In addition to

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Options Change Everything

I grew up knowing that I had options.  I also knew that choosing certain options would require work, but I had options.  I had the option of working to put

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The Importance of Connections

At the WAND conference I spoke on Self-Empowerment for Dietitians.  One aspect of my presentation was on the importance of networking and making professional connections, both internal and external.  This

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Empowerment is external, self-empowerment is internal. Empowerment is when someone has power, permission, and/or authority to do something.  This often comes from outside the person.  For example, our supervisor might

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Resolutions vs. Goals

I’m not a resolutions person.  It seems that too often I make a resolution at the beginning of the year to do something big, set it aside, and never look

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Gain and Pain

You have probably heard the concept that we have two basic choices.  We can choose long-term gain for short-term pain or we can choose short-term gain for long-term pain. Most

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