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What is Your ROTI?

Return on investment (ROI) is used in business frequently to evaluate the profitability of a decision. Will the return be worth the investment? This is something that can be used in

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Filling Time

Time is a limited resource. We each have the same amount each day, week, year. Since we cannot create more time, it’s important to use the time we have the

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Best Use of Time

It’s another new year and again I am reflecting on what I have done and what I need/want to do.  I find that over the years, my answers are changing,

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Time Wasters

Time Wasters (Video) We all have time wasters.  We all have things that we like to do that does not give us anything in return.  We cannot succeed if we

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Pay Now Or Pay Later

Pay Now Or Pay Later (Video) Everything in life has a price.  It may be a price in money, time, or other intangibles.  Once we spend money on one item,

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