Susan L. Farrell, Author

The Twix Bar in My Car

dreamstime_xs_63576356Last Halloween I snitched a mini Twix bar from somewhere and stashed it in the coin compartment of my car.  I was going to save it as a treat.  I looked at that little bar many times over the months, but I held off.  I would save it for the right time.

Finally, I decided I deserved a treat and the Twix bar would be perfect.  Keep in mind that it had been in the car for a few months, I live in Wisconsin and the winters are cold, and that bar had been frozen and thawed dozens of times.

I unwrapped it, expecting to savor a tasty treat.  It looked horrible!  I nibbled a tiny corner.  It tasted horrible!  My treat was anything but.  I threw it away.

The lesson from the story is that sometimes we should simply enjoy what we have when we get it rather than postponing our enjoyment for later.  Yes, we need to plan and save for the future, but we also need to enjoy the present.  Maybe wisdom is knowing when to do each.


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