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I am not an avid baseball fan, but I do know a little about the game.  Something that fascinates me is that if a player has a batting average of .300 it is considered good.  This means that the player gets a hit 30% of the time.  This also means that 70% of the time he does not get a hit!  In other words, he succeeds 30% of the time and fails 70% of the time.

How many of us consider ourselves failures if we are not “batting” .500?  .900?  How many of us consider ourselves failures if we do not hit a home run every time we go to bat?

Sometimes I think we are too hard on ourselves and need to step back and put things into perspective.  We are not going to hit a home run every time.  We are not even going to get a hit every time.

But if we continue to go to the plate and try our best, we will do better than those sitting on the bench.  At least at the plate we have a possibility of getting a hit, and maybe even a home run.  We do not have any chance as long as we sit on the bench.

Give yourself credit for going to the plate and trying.  You are automatically more successful than those who continue to sit on the bench.

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