Susan L. Farrell, Author

Vacation Connections and Disconnections


My husband and I recently returned from our first “real” vacation since before the pandemic started. Although we have gone on a few short trips, mostly to visit family, they really weren’t a vacation to get away.

I remember now why vacations are so important. They provide a way to both connect and disconnect.

I found that we disconnected a great deal from the news, social media, emails, etc. He even disconnected a bit from sports!

I think this allowed us to connect more with nature and the outdoors (we hiked in several of the national parks in Utah, Colorado, and Arizona). We connected more with what was happening in the moment. Some days the furthest ahead we looked was to where we wanted to eat the next meal. We also connected more with each other. Sometimes it’s hard to do that with all the day-to-day stresses that occur around and to us.

I think the connections and disconnections helped us remember what is truly important, not just what seems urgent at the moment.

If you haven’t been on a vacation for awhile, I highly recommend that you go. Go, disconnect from all the day-to-day stuff that bombards you, and connect with what, and who, is truly important.

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