Susan L. Farrell, Author

We Always Have Choices

In any situation, we have choices–emphasis on the plural. It bothers me when someone says that she did something because she did not have a choice. Wrong!  At a minimum, there are always two choices. Do something or do nothing.

There are always choices. There might only be one good choice out of a dozen bad choices, but there are still choices. Even deciding to do something rather than nothing is a choice. Deciding not to decide is still making a choice.

When we tell ourselves that we did something because we did not have a choice, it is a negative. It is giving away our power. When we take ownership of the choice we made, it is a positive. It reaffirms that we have power over our lives. If we pick the one good choice out of a dozen bad choices, we need to take credit for that. And if we make a poor choice, we need to take ownership of that, too. We need to correct it the best we can, learn from it, and move on.

Can you see all your possible choices?

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