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Everything is Temporary

Everything is Temporary (Video Link)

dreamstimefree_24395College was a stressful time. I had a full class load and worked 30-40 hours a week at 2-3 different jobs to pay for it all. In summer, when I did not have classes, I worked 60-80 hours a week.

Something that helped me through all this was the thought that it was temporary. Each class was temporary. I would finish it and move on to the next. Each work shift was temporary. It would end and I could go home. Each project was temporary. Once it was done, it was done.

What made this work for me was that I learned early in college that I could survive anything, as long as it was temporary. And it was all temporary.

I still use this thought frequently to help me through stressful times.

A realization I made after college was that the good times are temporary, too. The good, the bad, everything is temporary.

My suggestion to you is that you survive the bad and enjoy the good while they are there.


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