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Highway, Road, or Trail?


Highway, Road, or Trail? (Video Link)

In your life, what is right for you? Do you want to travel through your life on a super-highway, going far and fast? Do you want to travel through your life at a moderate level, on a state or county road? Or do you want to travel through your life on a trail, going slowly and enjoying all the sights and sounds?

There is no one right answer to this. Whatever is the right answer for you is the right answer.

Not that long ago, I found myself in a situation where there were many people trying to force me onto the super-highway. (At least it felt that way to me.) I tried to emulate them and fit on the super-highway. I changed my business plan to be more “successful” by their definition. The more I tried, the more frustrated I felt. I finally realized that was not for me.

I realized that I am more of a state and county road person. I like balance in my professional and personal life. I do not like going so far and fast that I do not have time to enjoy all the little things. The super-highway is not the way I want to travel through life.

Traveling along a trail is not for me, either. That method takes too long to accomplish things, and I like to achieve my goals and move on to new goals.

What is the right method of travel through life for you? It is your life and your choice.
As long as you take responsibility for the consequences of your actions, you can choose any route you want. Do not let others push you onto a route that is not right for you.


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