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Study for A’s?


I still remember something a high school teacher told my class many years ago.  (I wish I could remember his name.)  He said that if we study for A’s, we may or may not get them.  However, if we study to truly learn and understand the information, the A’s will come automatically.

He was right.  When I studied to learn the concepts and details of the material, the A’s came easily.

I think this concept can apply to our professional and personal lives as well. 

If we work to get a raise or promotion, we may or may not get it.  However, if we work to truly learn and understand our company and its practices, products, customers, and suppliers, and use this to excel at our jobs, we will find success.

If we work to improve our relationships, it may or may not happen.  However, if we work to truly understand the people in our relationships and how they think and feel, how can it not improve our relationships?

What is your goal?  To get an “A” or to really learn?

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