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Find a New Balance—Again

In June, 2017, I wrote a blog titled “Find a New Balance.” It started with: We need to balance all aspects of our professional and personal lives. We need to

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Filling Time

Time is a limited resource. We each have the same amount each day, week, year. Since we cannot create more time, it’s important to use the time we have the

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Best Use of Time

It’s another new year and again I am reflecting on what I have done and what I need/want to do.  I find that over the years, my answers are changing,

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College Bound

Are there any women in your life that are going to college this fall?  Someone who has graduated from high school and is starting the next phase of her education? 

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Find a New Balance

We need to balance all aspects of our professional and personal lives.  We need to balance not only our time but also our energy, mental focus, and finances. We know

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Life is Like Riding a Bicycle

To ride a bicycle, we must keep peddling.  If we don’t, the bike stops.  It’s possible to coast for awhile and keep moving without peddling, but that doesn’t last for

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Personal Silos

In some companies, departments become silos. Departments do not want to work with other departments or share information with other departments. This hurts the company as a whole. Every department

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Success and Happiness

A friend of mine, Larry Cockerel, recently posted a YouTube video. I keep thinking about it. It’s on happiness and success. I recommend you listen to it before reading the

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Equal Partnerships

Equal Partnerships (Video) Throughout these blogs we have talked about you.  Your rights.  Your responsibilities.  Your choices.  Your life. It is necessary to remember, though, that everything we have discussed

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