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Success and Happiness

dreamstime_xs_37716893A friend of mine, Larry Cockerel, recently posted a YouTube video. I keep thinking about it. It’s on happiness and success. I recommend you listen to it before reading the remainder of my blog. His message and mine are slightly different, but both relevant. Here is the link to Larry’s “Happiness and Success: The Happiness Rule.”

Although I have had many happy times in my life, and enjoyed those times, I realize now that I could have been happier. Like Larry, I thought success had to come first. I remember the following as some of my thoughts throughout life:

“I’ll be happier when I finish high school and move out.”
“I’ll be happier when I finish college.”
“I’ll be happier when I finish my internship and can get a real job.”
“I’ll be happier when I make more money.” (I thought that many times.)
“I’ll be happier when I buy a house.”
“I’ll be happier when I get the next promotion.”

I’m sure you get the idea. How many of you have had similar thoughts throughout your life?

Again, I have had a great deal of happiness in my life, but I could have had more if my focus was different. My main focus was on success. Had I balanced that with an equal focus on happiness and fully enjoying everything I had at every point in my life, I would have had an even happier life.

I am working on that now. How about you? Do you need to change your focus?


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