Susan L. Farrell, Author

Self-Care and Getting Rid of Guilt

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At a women’s connection meeting we were asked, as part of our introductions, to tell what we do for self-care. As soon as the chapter manager told us this, I realized something new that I needed to start doing.

I was glad to be at the meeting, but also feeling guilty that I was doing something for me professionally rather than something personally, for me or for others. I do that quite a bit. And yet when I’m doing something personally, I feel guilty about not doing something professionally and growing my business.

Do you do this? No matter what you are doing, professionally or personally, for yourself or for others, you feel guilty that you are not doing something else?

This needs to stop. The best we can do is try to balance our time and then, whatever we are doing, enjoy it. Feeling guilty is non-productive and damaging. I’m going to work on this. How about you?


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