Susan L. Farrell, Author

Learning to Live with a New Normal

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When my mother passed away, I realized that I was going to need to learn to live with a new normal—a life without her in it. In talking with friends, I realized that in life we are continuously learning to live with new normal.

Life is normal when we are children and living with our parents. No matter what it’s like, it’s normal to us. It changes when we move out, for college or other reasons, and we learn to live with a new normal. It changes again when we marry, have children, the children move out, our careers change, other changes occur, and each time we adjust to a new normal. Our normal life changes when we lose someone, through death, divorce, or other circumstances, and once again we are faced with learning to live with a new normal.

Change is a part of life. And not all change is bad. Many changes we face are very positive and lead to a better “normal” life than what we had before. We might as well enjoy the “normal” life we currently have while we have it, because it will change, and we will need to learn, again, to live with a new normal.


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